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Improve Production Quality, Accuracy, Efficiency

Since 1970, Star Cutter has designed and manufactured custom-designed solid carbide drills and reamers for use with CNC production systems, as well as standard and flexible machining systems.

Solid Carbide Drills

Star’s custom-designed solid carbide drill offering includes single or multiple-diameter tooling, with options of straight or helical flutes with diameters ranging from .1575 (4.00mm) to 4.00″ (101.60mm), as well as an array of carbide grades and advanced coatings options.

  • Straight or helical flutes
  • Single or multiple diameters
  • Selected carbide substrate grade options
  • Selected advanced coating options
  • Diameter range starting from .1575″ (4.00 mm)

Solid Carbide Drill for Aluminum

Our polished solid carbide drills designed specifically for machining die-cast and extruded aluminum are made from selective wear-resistant carbide grades that include special cutting geometries, bolt hole circles, coolant hole sizes, and advanced coatings for application optimization.

  • For prismatic aluminum components such as cylinder heads, valve bodies, housings, etc.
  • ≥ 2x tool life as compared to other manufacturer offerings

Solid Carbide Core Drills

Star Cutter core drills are ideal for machining aluminum, ductile, nodular, and compacted graphite irons (CGI) from solid or cored casting conditions, helping to correct imperfections in the casting for finishing operations. These drills reduce cycle times, provide constancy in the overall life of the product, and machine with reduced harmonics compared to an inserted drill. In addition, solid carbide core drills can be re-sharpened many times, keeping the cost per hole competitive.

Special core drills can also serve as excellent pilot tools in gundrilling operations. The pilot tool can also have a chamfer added, allowing the core drill to combine two tools into one. These are especially helpful for highly interrupted cuts where indexable or insert drills experience performance difficulties.

  • Diameters starting at 0.3150” (8mm). Each drill order should be accompanied by casting and tool layout prints.
  • Three or four flute designs
  • Multiple diameter options also available
  • Tool can be reconditioned multiple times.

Custom Port/Cavity Machining Tools

Star Cutter has perfected a line of hydraulic cavity/porting tools that allow machining from either a solid or cast core casting condition. In many cases, these multi-step tools will allow cavity machining in one pass or shot.

Our latest cavity/porting solutions have replaced traditional high-speed steel, brazed carbide tipped and sub-landed style tools with pressure coolant coated, solid carbide tooling. Our engineering department analyzes the hole diameter sizes and depths of cut to optimize the machining process, typically accomplished with either a single- or two-pass solution.

  • Excellent concentricity is held between diameters
  • Ideal for controlling part print finishes and bore sizes
  • Reduce the time to machine a feature
  • Fewer tools needed in a machine carousel

Solid Carbide Reamers

Ideally adapted for enlarging a previous hole condition, Star Cutter pressure coolant reamers are custom-designed using strategic coolant passages, a select number of flutes, and specialized coatings to optimize the tool performance and achieve overall results and improvements.

  • Single or multi-diameter
  • Straight, left- or right-hand spiral designs
  • Blind or thru-hole conditions
  • Multi-flute availability

Super Round Tool (SRT)

This unique, patented design combines two tools into one with multiple straight flutes for consistent location and multiple helical flutes to ensure roundness and finish. Our product’s results are within microns in a wide variety of applications, including powdered metal, all irons and more. The SRT offers:

  • Roundness and straightness within 2-4 microns
  • Lowered cost per hole 
  • Increased throughput by reducing cycle times
  • Diameters starting at .1875’” [4.76mm]
  • Special design and build for your application part requirements

Valve Guide Reamers

Star Cutter valve guide reamers utilize pressurized coolant to force chips ahead of the tool, producing ultrasmooth, ultraprecise holes in powdered metal and cast iron. Ideally suited for sizing and enlarging previously drilled or cored holes, Star’s valve guide reamers provide higher penetration rates and closer size tolerances.

Our advanced engineering group works hand in hand with valve guide material manufactures R&D centers to optimize our tooling designs to ensure the machinability based on the guide material grade machined. Cutting feeds and speeds are recommended based on the design of the product and the part requirements.

Star Cutter’s valve guide reamers offer:

  • Diameters starting at 0.1875’” [4.76mm]
  • Single and multi-flute designs
  • Straight or spiral flute design
  • Various shank designs
  • Right-hand and left-hand spiral designs

Star Cutter Company has developed into a world leader in the cutting tool industry. Each of our six manufacturing facilities specializes in producing a specific type of product or service: solid carbide cutting tools, carbide blanks and preforms, gundrills, gear cutting tools, and 5-axis CNC tool and cutter grinding machines.

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