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Precision Cutting Solutions

Star Cutter provides custom-engineered drills, reamers and PCD tooling across a variety of tight tolerance and high precision applications. Our tooling solutions are marketed, sold and serviced by our Star SU LLC affiliate company.

It All Starts with Your Application

We oversee the entire process from engineering through production of tools on our own machines, backed by application support and tool repair. We start the development of your tool by first understanding your feed, speed, material and cycle time.

From this, we can then select from a wide range of geometries, coolant holes, carbide grades and coatings for milling, drilling and reaming in a variety of material groups.  The tool is then designed in our CAD software programs and tested in our flow simulation program to identify any potential hot spots in the tool. We then refine, verify and deliver a tool that will perform as promised.

With over 90 years in the business, our experience enables us to solve unique challenges that help to reduce machining time, improve quality, productivity and cost of ownership across the life of the tool.

We are passionate about crafting a best-in-class solution to fit each application while fostering long-term, personal relationships with our customers.

If it doesn’t exist, we find a way or make one.

Cutting Tools:

Custom Carbide Drills & Reamers

Since 1970, Star Cutter has designed and manufactured special carbide drills and reamers for use with CNC production systems as well as standard and flexible machining systems.

Deep Hole Drills

For machining holes with a relatively large diameter to depth ratio, Star Cutter offers a variety of solutions, all providing excellent diameter control and straightener in a variety of workpieces and materials. 

PCD Tools

We produce a line of PCD tools that can be applied to all types of non-ferrous materials including aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, wood, graphite, fiber glass and many more.

Case Studies


Star Cutter is recognized for developing custom-engineered tooling solutions for the automotive industry that solve unique challenges.

Firearm Machining

Star Cutter has years of experience in developing optimized hole making and drilling tools for the production of firearm components.

High-Precision Medical Applications

Star Cutter provides optimal solutions for the best machining applications to meet the stringent requirements in the medical industry.

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Five Key Considerations in Holemaking Outcomes

Five basic factors that impact the drilling operation are Material, Machining Parameters, Holders, Tool Design, and Coolant. And all of these are dependent on one another; each factor has an influence on the others.

Learn more about these five factors by downloading our whitepaper.

Star Cutter Company has developed into a world leader in the cutting tool industry. Each of our six manufacturing facilities specializes in producing a specific type of product or service: solid carbide cutting tools, carbide blanks and preforms, gundrills, gear cutting tools, and 5-axis CNC tool and cutter grinding machines.

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